How we determine our sort order

As a traveler shopping on our site, you have many options to help you find the perfect car rental.

Our default sort order is based on the lowest total price. In cases where two cars have the same total price, the car that is listed first is determined randomly.

In addition, the filter settings allow you to include or exclude various options to suit your travel needs.

Additionally, we continually optimize our service to provide you the best experience. Accordingly, we may test different default sort order algorithms from time to time.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes-some companies do not rent to drivers under 25 years of age.  Some rental companies will rent to those aged between 21 and 24 but will charge an additional fee at pickup.  There may also be limits on the size of vehicle you are permitted to rent. Some locations only accept major credit cards from underage drivers.

Please make sure you read the Car Rental Rules and Restrictions of the rental agency carefully before booking.

Useful to Know

There is no maximum age when renting in the United States although restrictions may apply elsewhere.

Can anyone else drive the car?

Yes, but only if additional drivers are included and named on the rental agreement.  This is to ensure any insurance coverage and liability coverage is valid.

An additional driver may be added to a rental contract when you are both there to sign the rental contract.  There may be a charge.

What types of car are available?

Rental Cartel offers a wide range of vehicle categories from small economical cars through sports vehicles, family cars and mini-vans.

As with most car rental reservations, the exact make and model of car cannot be selected when you make your booking. Each car rental agency carries different makes and models within each car type, and they are continually updating their fleets.

Which payment methods do you accept?

All vendors accept credit cards. The card used must be in the name of the primary driver and that card must be presented at pickup.

Useful to Know

Depending on your rental contract, the local rental company may pre-authorize a deposit on the same card.

Can I use a debit card?

We recommend you always use a credit card when making a booking. Some rental car companies will accept a debit card although they may require further forms of identification and proof of insurance. They may also perform a credit check.

Useful to Know

Cash, pre-paid cards and gift cards are not accepted for any reservation type.

When will I be charged for the reservation?

Rental Cartel is able to secure reservations very often without a credit card but the car rental company will want payment with a credit card in your own name when you arrive at the counter to pick up your car. If you opt to purchase collision insurance online, your credit card will be charged immediately for the insurance premium portion only. While you may use a debit card to purchase collision coverage, the car rental company may not accept a debit card as payment for the rental vehicle.

Pre-paid, post-paid and partial-paid – what are the differences?

Pre-paid reservations or Pay Now reservations are paid for immediately upon securing your reservation. They may not be modified or cancelled.

Post-paid reservations may be canceled at any time without penalty. The car rental company will expect payment with a credit card in your own name when you arrive at the rental counter.

Partial-paid reservations require a deposit to secure and may be cancelled or modified with sufficient notification.  Please be sure to read the Car Rental Rules and Restrictions as there may be exceptions.

Can I rent a vehicle at an airport location if I am not deplaning?

If you are a local renter making a reservation at the airport, you should check the Rentalcartel Rules and  Restrictions prior to reserving.

Many airport locations only rent to deplaning passengers.  Those that do permit local renters often impose restrictions on mileage or have geographical limitations.  They may not permit the use of a debit card.  Some car rental companies may require you to bring a current paid utility bill in the primary driver’s name.  In most cases, if you are not flying in-to the airport, it is preferable to use an “in-city” location.

Are there any mileage limits?

The majority of quoted prices include unlimited mileage, but please be aware that local renters may have mileage restrictions